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August 2019

2 Cor 12v8-9, My Grace is Sufficient for You, Roger Winter-Smith, 22-09-2019, AM

John 6 v 67-69, Words Of Life, Roger Winter-Smith, 22-09-2019, PM

2 Cor 4v16-18, Look at the Things which are Eternal, Roger Winter-Smith, 15-09-2019, AM

Ps 22v1-16, The Love of Christ Demonstrated, Philip Bray, 15-09-2019, PM

1 John 1v9, If We Confess, Roger Winter-Smith, 08-09-2019, AM

Ezekiel 1v1-12, The Glory of God, Philip Bray, 08-09-2019 PM

Ezek 43v10-11, The Pattern Of The House Roger Winter-Smith, 01-09-2019, AM

Rev 2v1-5, Have You Lost Your Lost First Love, Roger Winter-Smith, 01-09-2019, PM

1 Cor 2v1-5, Christ Crucified, Roger Winter-Smith, 25-08-2019, AM

Rev 3v14-22, The Call To The Thirsty, Philip Bray, 25-08-2019, PM

Eccles 2v12-17, The Wisdom From Above, Philip Bray, 18-08-2019, PM

Romans 10v6-10, Whosoever Shall Call, Roger Winter-Smith, 18-08-2019, AM

Acts 3v1-10, The Healing Of The Lame Man, Chilongo Sathulu, 11-08-2019, AM

Jer 18v1-6, God Is The Potter, We Are The Clay, David Blake, 11-08-2019, PM

Heb 4v12-16, Come Boldly, Roger Winter-Smith, 04-08-2019, AM

Romans 11v21-23, The Goodness and Severity of God, Roger Winter-Smith, 04-08-2019, PM

July 2019

Rev 21v1-7, God Dwelling With Us, Roger Winter-Smith, 28-07-2019, PM

Luke 15v10, Happy Angels, Roger Winter-Smith, 28-07-2019, AM

2 Tim 2v1-15, The Messenger And The Message, Philip Bray, 21-07-2019, PM

Mark 2v1-12, The Authority To Forgive Sins, Philip Bray, 21-07-2019, AM

2 Cor 5v17-6v10, Ambassadors For Christ, Philip Bray, 14-07-2019, PM

Daniel 12v1-3, They That  Be Wise, Roger Winter-Smith, 14-07-2019, AM

Luke 19v1-10, Salvation Came To His House, Roger Winter-Smith, 07-07-2019, PM

1 Thess 5v17, Pray Without Ceasing, Roger Winter-Smith, 07-07-2019, AM

June 2019

Jn 12v20-30, Christ Our Saviour and Example, Paul Fellows, 30-06-2019, AM

Joshua1v1-9, Joshua's Strength, Philip Bray, 30-06-2019, PM

Ecc 12v9-14, Words of the Wise from the One Shepherd, Roger Winter-Smith, 23-06-2019, AM

Ps 118v1-11, The Lord is on My Side, Philip Bray, 23-06-2019, PM

Acts 2v42, Four Needful Things, Roger Winter-Smith, 16-06-2019, AM

John 20v26-30, Be Not Faithless But Believing, Roger Winter-Smith, 16-06-2019, PM

May 2019

Rev 7v9-10, The Multitudes of Saints before the Throne, Roger Winter-Smith, 09-06-2019, AM

Psalm 95, O Come Let Us Sing Unto the Lord, Philip Bray, 09-06-2019, PM

Heb 1v1-2v1, Anointing for Service, Paul Fellows, 26-05-2019, AM

Luke 15v27-32, Don't Throw Away Your Inheritance, Roger Winter-Smith, 19-05-2019 AM

John 6v66-69, Will You Also Go Away? Roger Winter-Smith, 19-05-2019, PM

Luke 22v31-34 The Lord's Intersession, Roger Winter-Smith 12-05-2019 AM

Ps 55v16-23, Cast Your Burden Upon the Lord, Philip Bray, 12-05-2019, PM

1 Thess 5v9, The Lord's Wrath, Roger Winter-Smith, 05-05-2019, AM

Jude 1v4-7, Take Heed Unto Thyself, Roger Winter-Smith, 05-05-2019, PM

April 2019

Gen 3v1, Safe and Sure in Christ against the Subtil Enemy, Roger Winter-Smith, 28-04-2019, AM

Acts 9v10-16, The Way of the Cross, Philip Bray, 28-04-2019, PM

John 11v23-27, Christ is the Resurrection and the Life, Roger Winter-Smith, 21-04-2019, AM.mp3

John 13v1-15, The love of Christ, Philip Bray, 21-04-2019, PM

Matt 27v45-51, He Overcame the Power of Darkness, Roger Winter-Smith, 19-04-2019, AM

Rom 4v4-8, His Righteousness! Roger Winter-Smith, 14-04-2019, AM

John13v26-27, The Adversary, Roger Winter-Smith, 14-04-2019, PM

1 Thes 2v9-13, Walking Worthy of God, Philip Bray, 07-04-2019, AM 

March 2019

Rev 5v3-5, Who Else Is Worthy? Roger Winter-Smith, 31-03-2019, AM

Isa 40v3-8, Fleeting Moment or Eternal Life, Philip Bray, 31-03-2019, PM

Eze 9v4, A Heart That Is Moved, Roger Winter-Smith, 24-03-2019, AM

Matt 26v36-40, He Who Knew No Sin, Roger Winter-Smith, 24-03-2019, PM

Matt 11v28-30, His Yoke is Easy, Roger Winter-Smith, 17-03-2019, AM

Isa 53v4-10, He Open Not His Mouth, Philip Bray, 17-03-2019, PM

2 Cor 6v16-7v1, God's Promises Part 1, Philip Bray, 10-03-2019, AM

2 Cor 6V15-7V1, God's Promises Part 2, Philip Bray, 10-03-2019, PM

Luke 6v36 God's Very Merciful Nature, Roger Winter-Smith, 03-03-2019, AM

2 Kings 5v15, Knowing the One True God ,Roger Winter-Smith, 03-03-2019, PM

February 2019

Ps 90v11, Who Knoweth the Power of Thine Anger ?Roger Winter-Smith, 24-02-2019, AM

Ps 1v1-3, A Blessed Man is Like This, Philip Bray, 24-02-2019, PM

Joel 2v12-14, Turning to The Lord, Paul Fellows, 17-02-2019, AM

Gen 46v1-17 & 28-31, The God of Jacob, Philip Bray, 17-02-2019, PM

Luke 17v15-19, Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole, Roger Winter-Smith, 10-02-2019, AM

Ps 105v19, The God of Joseph, Philip Bray, 10-02-2019, PM

Deut 8v2-3, The Life Giving Word of God, Roger Winter-Smith 03-02-2019 AM  

Acts 17v18-27, A God at Hand, Philip Bray, 03-02-2019, PM

January 2019

Ps 103v1-5, God's Blessings in Christ, Roger Winter-Smith, 27-01-2019, AM

Acts 7v1-8, Abraham's Faith, Philip Bray, 27-01-2019, PM

1 Sam 2v1-10, Hannah's Prayer Roger Winter-Smith 20-01-2019, AM

2 Kings 13v14-19, Disappointment or God's Victory? Roger Winter-Smith, 20-01-2019 PM

Isa 40v31, Wait Upon The Lord, Roger Winter-Smith, 13-01-2019 AM

James 5v17, The Prayer Answering God of Elijah, Philip Bray, 13-01-2019, PM

2 Cor 5v17, Are You In Christ? Roger Winter-Smith, 06-01-2019, AM

Psalm 23v6, The Good Shepherd, Philip Bray, 06-01-2019 PM

December 2018

Luke 4v24-28, The Righteousness of God, Roger Winter-Smith 30-12-2018 AM

2 Chr 35v14-19, Josiah's Passover, Philip Bray, 30-12-2018, PM

Gen 19v12-14, Lot's Witness, Roger Winter-Smith, 23-12-2018, AM

Eph 3v12-21, Glory to God in His Church, Philip Bray, 23-12-2018, PM

Prov 31v8, A Call to Prayer, Roger Winter-Smith, 16-12-2018, AM

2 Peter 3v10-14, Thirst after Righteousness, Roger Winter-Smith, 16-12-2018, PM

Luke 2v26-32, Salvation for All, Roger Winter-Smith, 09-12-2018, AM

1 John 2v17, Doing the Will of God, Roger Winter-Smith, 09-12-2018, PM

Numbers 23v10, the Death of the Righteous, Roger Winter-Smith, 02-12-2018, AM

James 1v21-27, Perfect Law of Liberty, Philip Bray, 02-12-2018, PM


Matt 23v37-38, Responding to Christ, Roger Winter-Smith, 25-11-2018, AM

Deut 6v1-9, Bind The Word of God to Your Heart and Mind, Mark Byrne, 25-11-2018 PM

Luke 9v28-36, Jesus the Example of our Prayer Life, Paul Fellows, 18-11-2018, AM

Eph 5 v 18, Be Filled with the Spirit, Philip Bray 18-11-2018, PM

Luke 24v25-32, Christ and the Scripture, Roger Winter-Smith, 11-11-2018, AM

Heb 4v11-14, Exhortation to Faith, Philip Bray, 11-11-2018, PM

Luke 11v1, Lord Teach Us to Pray, Dr Martin Erdmann, 04-11-2018, AM

John 17v14-17, Thy Word is Truth, Philip Bray, 04-11-2018, PM


1 Thes 5v14, Warn, Comfort, Support and Patience, Mark Byrne, 28-10-2018, AM

Luke 15v20-24, Repentance and Turning Back to God, Roger Winter-Smith, 21-10-2018 AM

Dan 6v23, Faith that shines, Philip Bray, 21-10-2018 PM

Matt 22v11-14, Are you called and chosen? Roger Winter-Smith, 14-10-2018, AM

Heb 12v12-14, Pursue Holiness, Philip Bray, 14-10-2018, PM

Dan 5v23-30, You Knew!, Roger Winter-Smith, 07-10-2018, AM

Luke 17v11-19, Faith Makes You Whole, Roger Winter-Smith, 07-10-2018, PM


1 Tim 1v5 Love, Good Conscience and Unfeigned Faith, Roger Winter-Smith, 30-09-2018 AM

Luke 2v25-35, Mine Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation, Roger Winter-Smith, 30-09-2018, PM

Ps 19v14, The Pure and Cleansing Word of God, Roger Winter=Smith, 23-09-2018 AM

1 Cor 6v19, Your Body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost, Philip Bray, 23-09-2018 PM

John 6v35, I AM the Bread of Life, Roger Winter-Smith, 16-09-2018, AM

1 Thes 5v12-13, Peace with those who labour among you, Mark Byrne, 16-09-2018 PM

Dan 5v1-3, They that be wise Roger Winter-Smith, 09-09-2018, AM

Rom 3v9-19, All Guilty Before God, Philip Bray, 09-09-2018, PM

Jas 1v12-25, Temptation and the Power of God, Roger Winter-Smith, 02-09-2018 AM

1 Thes 5v1-11, The Day of the Lord, Mark Byrne, 02-09-2018, PM

Church Bible Week: 17 - 24 Aug 18

Session 1, Psalm 110, Thy people shall be willing, Mark Mullins

Session 2, 1 Sam 9, Minding High Things, Philip Bray

Session 3, 2 Samuel 3, Abner, Stuart Sime

Session 4, Personal Testimony, Doug Fisher

Session 5, Proverbs (Part 1), Peter Simpson (to follow)

Session 6, Proverbs (Part 2), Peter Simpson

Session 7, Proverbs (Part 3), Peter Simpson

Session 8, Proverbs (Part 4), Peter Simpson

Session 9, 2 Kings 4, the Tender Maid, Roger-Winter-Smith

Session 10, Genesis 30, Rachel's Children, Mark Mullins

Session 11, Psalm 18, Equipped to War, Roger Winter-Smith


Acts 2 v36-38, The God of Second Chances, Roger Winter-Smith, 26-08-2018 AM

1 Thes 4v13-18, Let Us Comfort One Another, Mark Byrne, 26-08-2018 PM

1 Cor 2v1-5, Spiritual Wisdom, Roger Winter-Smith, 19-08-2018, AM

Heb 12v1-2, Let Us Lay Hold of Jesus, Roger Winter-Smith, 12-08-2018, AM

1 Thes 4v9-12, The Work of Love, Mark Byrne, 12-08-2018, PM

Mark 15v43-47, Joseph's Preparation, Philip Bray, 05-08-2018, AM

Heb 12v26, The Final Shaking, Philip Bray, 05-08-2018, PM


Jer 29v7, Pray for the peace of the city, Roger Winter-Smith, 29-07-2018 AM

Jer 17v1-9, The Two Trees, Philip Bray, 22-07-2018, AM

1 Thess 4v1-3,  The Will of God, Mark Byrne, 22-07-2018, PM

Jer 5v1-2, The Church God Seeks, Roger Winter-Smith,15-07-2018, AM

1 Thess 3 v9-13, He may establish you, Mark Byrne, 15-07-2018, PM

Acts 16 v25-31, When God Works, Roger Winter-Smith, 08-07-2018, AM

John 14v8, The Word of God Part Two, Philip Bray, 08-07-2018, PM

Isa 6v1-3, Seeing God, Roger Winter-Smith, 01-07-2018, AM

John 1v3, Christ the Word, Philip Bray, 01-07-2018, PM


Matt 28 v18-20, Believe and be baptised, Roger Winter-Smith, 24-06-2018 AM

We apologise, but the evening recording for 24 June was faulty and has been removed.

Luke 6v11, The Word of God, Roger Winter-Smith, 17-06-2018, AM

Gal 5v22-25, BUT the fruit of the Spirit... Philip Bray, 17-06-2018, PM

2 Chron 26v5, As Uzziah Sought, Roger Winter-Smith, 10-06-2018 AM

Gal 5v22, the Fruit of the Spirit is Kindness, Philip Bray, 10-06-2018, PM

1 Thes 2v19, Who Is Your Hope or Joy? Mark Byrne, 03-06-2018 AM


Rom 10 v 6, the Word is nigh us, Roger Winter-Smith, 27-05-18 AM

Gal 5v22, The Fruit of the Spirit is Longsuffering, Philip Bray, 27-05-2018 PM

John 14v15-31, Peace of God, Paul Fellows, 20-05-2018, AM

Gal 5v22, The Fruit of the Spirit is peace, Philip Bray, 20-05-18 AM

Matt 11v28, Come unto Me and rest, Roger Winter-Smith, 13-05-2018 AM

Gal 5v22, The Fruit of the Spirit is Joy, Philip Bray, 13-05-2018 PM

Luke 4v27-32, Our Reasonable Response, Roger Winter-Smith, 06-05-2018, AM

2 Kings 5v25-27, Keep Your Hearts, Roger Winter-Smith, 05-05-2018, PM


Lk 23v39-45, Christ Crucified, Roger Winter-Smith, 29-04-2018 AM.mp3

Gal 5v22, The Fruit of the Spirit is love, Philip Bray, 29-04-2018 PM

1 Tim 6v11-12, Flee, Follow & Fight, Roger Winter-Smith, 22-04-2018, AM

1 Thes 2v17-18, The Christian and the Adversary, Mark Byrne, 22-04-2018, PM

2 Chron 30v18-20, A Prepared Heart, Roger Winter-Smith, 15-04-2018, AM

Gal 5v16-26, The Fruit of the Spirit, Philip Bray, 15-04-2018, PM

John 15v1-5, God Desires That We Bear Fruit, Philip Bray, 08-04-2018, AM

1 Thes 2v13-16, Responding to Persecution, Mark Byrne, 08-04-2018, PM

Rom 6v1-5, From Death to Life in Christ, Roger Winter-Smith, 01-04-2018, AM

1 Thes 2v10-12, Walking Worthy of God, Mark Byrne, 01-04-2018, PM


Mark 15v33-35, Darkness Was Over The Whole Land, Roger Winter-Smith, 30-03-2018 AM

Heb11v39-40, We Have All In Christ, Roger Winter-Smith, 25-03-2018, AM

1 Thes 2v5-12, Financing Ministry, Mark Byrne, 25-03-2018, PM

2 Cor 7v8-11, Godly Sorrow, Roger Winter-Smith, 18-03-2018, AM

1 Thes 2v1-4, The Glorious Gospel Entrusted to Us, Mark Byrne, 18-03-2018, PM

Jer 18v1-6, Lord, Mould Me and Make Me, Roger Winter-Smith, 11-03-2018, AM

Col 3v16, The Word of Christ, Philip Bray, 11-03-2018, PM

2 Tim 1v7, The Spirit of power, Roger Winter-Smith, 05-03-2018, AM

1 Thess 3v7, Grace in Election, Mark Byrne, 03-03-2018, AM


Phil 4v5-6, Be careful for nothing, Roger Winter-Smith, 25-02-2018,AM

1 Sam 15v27-31, True Repentance, Roger Winter-Smith, 25-02-2018, PM

John 9v39-41, Can you see? Roger Winter-Smith, 18-02-2018, AM

John 7v32-39, If Any Man Thirst, Philip Bray, 18-02-2018, PM

John 6v68, To whom else shall we go, Roger Winter-Smith, 11-02-2018, AM

Psa 139v21-24, Zeal for Holiness, Philip Bray, 11-02-2018, PM

2 Peter 3v11, What Manner of People, Roger Winter-Smith, 04-02-2018, AM

Rom 6v11, Reckon Yourselves Dead, Philip Bray, 04-02-2018, PM

Bible Study, Nothing is too hard for prayer, Dr Martin Erdman, 01-02-2018, PM


Matt 22v5, The Call of Christ, Roger Winter-Smith, 28-01-2018, AM

Gen 18v22, Abraham Prayed, Philip Bray, 28-01-2018, PM

Heb 13v5 Consider Your Ways, Roger Winter-Smith, 21-01-2018 AM

Gen 17 v1-3, Abraham's Walk, Philip Bray, 21-01-2018 PM

Gen 14 v17-24, Melchizedek, Philip Bray, 14-01-2018 PM

Jos 1v7-9 Meditate on God's Word  Roger Winter-Smith, 07-01-2017 AM

1 Tim 6v8, Christian Contentment, Philip Bray, 07-01-2018, PM


Phil 4v6-7 Is Your Name Written in Heaven?, Roger Winter-Smith, 31-12-2017 AM

Mal 3v16, Those that Feared God, Philip Bray, 31-12-2017, PM

1 Cor 2v2 The Lords Birth and Death, Roger Winter-Smith, 25-12-2017 AM

1 John 1v5, God is Light Roger Winter-Smith, 24-12-2017 AM

Luke 2v1-20, Christ's Coming, Roger Winter-Smith, 17-12-2017 AM

Rev 5v13, The Glory of the Lamb, Philip Bray, 27-12-2017 PM

2Chron 26v5 Seeking God, Roger Winter-Smith 10-12-2017 AM

1 Sam 15v32, The Bitterness of Death, Roger Winter-Smith, 03-12-2017, AM

2 Chron 2v7, Pray for Labourers, Philip Bray, 03-12-2017, PM

1 Pet 1v1-5 Kept by Faith Philip Bray 26-11-2017 AM

1 Pet 2v1-4 Drinking from the Rock Philip Bray 26-11-2017 PM

Acts 2v37-39 The Gift of the Holy Ghost, Roger Winter-Smith, 19-11-2017 AM

Col 1v1-2 Saints and Brethren in Christ, Mark Byrne 19-11-2017 PM

Jude v24, Keep from Falling, Roger Winter-Smith, 12-11-2017, AM

John 1v16, Of His Fullness, Philip Bray, 12-11-2017, PM

Luke 22v53, The hour, Roger Winter-Smith, 04-11-2017, AM

Phil 1v6, Confidence in Christ, Philip Bray, 5-11-2017, PM

1 Cor 15v1-6 The Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, C Sathulu 29-10-2017 AM

Jas 1v5-8, Single Minded, Roger Winter-Smith, 22-10-2017, AM

Matt 13v3-23 Doing Business with God Roger Winter-Smith 22-10-2017, PM

John 14v10, Abiding in His Love, Roger Winter-Smith, 15-10-2017, AM

John 3v29, The Marriage of the Lamb, Philip Bray, 15-10-2017, PM

2 Pet 2v8-9, Lot, the Righteous Man, Roger Winter-Smith, 08-10-2017, AM

John 21 v21-23, What is that to thee, Roger Winter-Smith, 08-10-2017, PM

Psa 46v1-11, God our Refuge, John Fraser, 01-10-2017, AM

Ex 4v10-12, Confidence in God, Roger Winter-Smith, 01-10-2017 PM

Ezek 18v1-4, The Warfare for Souls, Roger Winter-Smith, 24-09-2017, AM

Matt 6v11, Our Daily Bread, Philip Bray, 24-09-2017, PM

Eph 2v1-7, Alive in Christ, Roger Winter-Smith, 17-09-2017, AM

Isa 41v14, The Mighty God of Jacob, Philip Bray, 17-09-2017, PM

1 Cor 15v55-58, Abounding in the work, (Part One), Philip Bray,10-09-2017, AM

1 Cor 15v55-58, Abounding in the work, (Part Two), Philip Bray,10-09-2017, PM

Acts 2v41-46, Continuing in Christ, Roger Winter-Smith 27-08-2017 AM

Heb 13v8, Jesus Christ The Same, Philip Bray, 27-08-2017 PM

Church Bible Week 2017

Session 1, Matt 11 v25 - 30, Blessed are your eyes, M Mullins, 19-08-2017

Session 2, 1 Sam 10, King Saul (Part One), P Bray, 20-08-2017

Session 3, Rom 5 v5-11, M Mullins, 20-08-2017

Session 4, Acts 5, Stephen the Man, John Fraser

Session 5, Acts 5, Stephen's Trial, John Fraser 

Session 6, Acts 5, Stephens Martyrdom, John Fraser

Session 7, Testimonies, 23-07-2017

Session 8, Deut 13, What Kind of Faith, Roger Winter-Smith, 23-07-2017

Session 9, A Promise of the Lord Jesus, Doug Fisher, 24-08-2017

Session 10, Report from Ghana, W Boitey, 24-08-2017

Session 11, 2 Cor 12v9, His Grace is Sufficient, Roger Winter-Smith 24-08-2017

Session 12, 1 Samuel 13v1, King Saul (Part Two), P Bray, 24-08-2017

John 21v18, Peter's Life and Testimony, Roger Winter-Smith, 13-08-2017, AM

Jer 42v1-12, The Hidden Man of the Heart, P Bray, 13-08-2017, PM

Matt 5v9, Blessed are the Peacemakers, Roger Winter-Smith, 27-07-2017, PM

Jer 10v1-5, Christ My Life, Roger Winter-Smith, 23-07-2017, AM

1 John 2v28 -3v3, Christ's Coming, Mark Byrne, 23-07-2017, PM

Jer 32v17, Is anything too hard for Him, Roger Winter-Smith, 22-07-2017, AM

Luke 16v10 - 12, True Riches, 16-07-2017 Roger Winter-Smith PM

Matt 5v1, Blessed are the Pure of Heart, Roger Winter-Smith, 13-07-2017, PM

Romans 9v1-3, The Zeal of the Gospel, Philp Bray, 09-07-2017, PM

Acts 11v18, Repentance Unto Life, Roger Winter-Smith, 09-07-17, AM

1 Kings 22v17, Micaiah the Prophet, Philip Bray, 09-07-17, PM

Psalm 78v9, Continuing in the Battle, Roger Winter-Smith, 02-07-2017, AM

Matt 3,The Meekness of God, Philip Bray, 25-06-2017, AM

1 John 2v20 The Holy Unction, Mark Byrne, 25-06-2017, PM

2Cor 11v2-3, Simplicity in Christ, Roger Winter-Smith, 18-06-2017, AM

2Thess 2v7-15, The Love of The Truth, Philip Bray, 18-06-2017, PM

Matt 24v1, 37v13, The Suddeness of His Coming, Roger Winter-Smith, 15-06-2017, PM

Isa 53v10-11, The Power of Christ's Work, Roger Winter-Smith, 11-06-2017, AM

1Pet 4v1-10, Have Fervent Love, Philip Bray, 11-06-2017, PM

Christian Alliance Ministries.  Mark-Mullins-Prayer-and-The-Trinity-2.6.17.mp3

Christian Alliance Ministries.  Peter-Palmer-1-Eph-6v9-20-3.6.17.mp3

Christian Alliance Ministries.  Peter-Palmer-2-Eph-1v15-23-3.6.17.mp3

Christian Alliance Ministries.  Peter-Palmer-3-Eph-3v14-21-4.6.17.mp3

Christian Alliance Ministries. Roger-Winter-Smith-Eph-6v18-3.6.17.mp3

Christian Alliance Ministries.  Philip-Bray-1-Tim-2v1-4-4.6.17.mp3

1John 2v18-19, The Antichrist, Roger Winter-Smith, 08-06-2017, PM

1John 2v18-25, In Christ or Antichrist, Mark Byrnes, 04-06-2017, AM

Matt 24v13-14, Preparation for the End, Roger Winter-Smith, 01-06-2017, PM

2Tim 2v19, Hear The Words of Christ and Do Them, Roger Winter-Smith, 28-05-2017, AM

Matt 24v12, Christian Affection, Philip Bray, 28-05-2017, PM

Matt 24v12, The Faithfulness of The Saints, Roger Winter-Smith, 25-05-2017, PM

1Pet 5v1-11, The Elder's Responsibility, Roger Winter-Smith, 21-05-2017, AM

1John 2v15-17, Love Not The World, Mark Byrnes, 21-05-2017, PM

Gen 6, The Last Times, Roger Winter-Smith, 18-05-2017, PM

Num 23v9-10, To Be Wholehearted, Roger Winter-Smith, 14-05-2017, AM

Isa 10v10 - 11v5, The Sprit of The Lord, Philip Bray, 14-05-2017, PM

David Powell  - Prayer - Llandudno 1994

Dan 12v3-4, The Apostle's Doctrine, Roger Winter-Smith, 11-05-2017, PM

Gen 32v30, Peniel, Roger Winter-Smith, 07-05-2017, AM

Gen 5v18-24, Enoch Walked With God, Philip Bray, 07-05-2017, PM

1John 2v3-17, The Love of God, Mark Byrne, 30-04-2017, AM

Acts 20v18-21, 26-27, 31 A Message From Heaven, Roger Winter-Smith, 23-04-2017, AM

1John 2v3-11, The Believer's Walk, Mark Byrne, 23-04-2017, PM

Psa 22v1-19, The Lamb of God, Philip Bray, 16-04-2017, AM

2Chron 26v5, He Sought God in The Days Of Zechariah, Roger Winter-Smith, 09-04-2017, AM

Luke 17v11-19, The Leprosy of Sin, Philip Bray, 09-04-2017, PM

Luke 12v40, The Last Days, Roger Winter-Smith, 07-04-2017, PM

Matt 17v16-18, Who is This Jesus?, Roger Winter-Smith, 02-04-2017, AM - YouTube

Ezek 34v23-31, There Shall be Showers of Blessing, Philip Bray, 02-04-2017, PM  - YouTube

Bible Study, Scripture in Relation to Prayer, Roger Winter-Smith, 30-03-2017, PM

2Cor 12v7-10, My Grace is Sufficient for Thee, Roger Winter-Smith, 26-03-2017, AM

2Sam 23v20-23, Benaiah's Faith, Philip Bray, 26-03-2017, PM

Bible Study Prayer From The Word, Roger Winter-Smith, 23-03-2017, PM

Dan 1v1-21, Be Ye Stedfast, Paul Fellows, 19-03-2017, AM

1John 1v5 - 2v2, Body Principles, Mark Byrne, 19-03-2017, PM

Luke 16v29-31, Believe God, Roger Winter-Smith, 12-03-2017, AM

Josh 1v1-9, Diligent Attention to The Word, Philip Bray, 12-03-2017, PM

Bible Study, Prelude to Praying, Roger Winter-Smith, 09-03-2017, PM

Luke 20v34-38, The Two Destinies, Roger Winter-Smith, 05-03-2017, AM

2Cor 2v6-11, We are Not Ignorant of His Devices, Philip Bray, 05-03-2017, PM

Prov 29v1, Reproof, Roger Winter-Smith, 02-03-2017, PM

Ezek 14v19-21, Intercede, Roger Winter-Smith, 26-02-2017, AM

1John 1v1-4, Jesus - God in The Flesh, Mark Byrnes, 26-02-2017, PM

Prov 20v27-30, Bible Study, Roger Winter-Smith, 23-02-2017, PM

Job 19v14-29, Job's Declaration of Faith, Philip Bray, 19-02-2017, PM

Prov 20v8-10, Holiness, Roger Winter-Smith,  16-02-2017, PM

Jer 9v22-24 Glorying in Christ Philip Bray 12-02-2017 pm

Joint statement regarding the erroneous doctrine of incarnational sonship

Prov 31v8-9, Open Thy Mouth, Roger Winter-Smith, 09-02-2017, PM

2Sam 19v41-43 20v1, Loyalty to The Lord, Roger Winter-Smith, 05-02-2017, AM

1Tim 6v12-18, The Lord's Glory, Philip Bray, 05-02-2017, PM

Psa 116v7 Return to your rest, Roger Winter-Smith, 29-01-2017

Rom 12v1-3, The New Life in Christ, Philip Bray, 29-01-2017 pm

Psa 126v1-6, When The Lord Turned The Captivity, Mark Byrne, 15-01-2017, PM

Judges 16v24, God's Restoration, Roger Winter-Smith, 15-01-2017, AM

2Kings 6v16-17, The Power of God, Roger Winter-Smith, 08-01-2017, AM

1Pet 2v4-5, A Holy Royal Priesthood, Philip Bray, 08-01-2017, PM

Ex 20v13-14, No Killing No Adultery, Roger Winter-Smith, 05-01-2017, PM

Philip 3v12-14, Pressing Forward, Roger Winter-Smith, 01-01-2017, AM

1Pet 1v22-2v6, A Spiritual House, Philip Bray, 01-01-2017, PM

Rom 8v38-39, Nothing can Separate us From The Love of God, Roger Winter-Smith, 01-01-2017, AM


Ex 20v11-12, Entering God's Rest, Roger Winter-Smith, 29-12-2016, PM

Luke 17v11-19, The Leprosy of Sin, Roger Winter-Smith, 25-12-2016, AM

Ex 20v7, Obeying The Commandments of God, Roger Winter-Smith, 22-12-2016, PM

Luke 2v25-32, Simeon, Roger Winter-Smith, 18-12-2016, AM

Psa 23, The Good Shepherd, Roger Winter-Smith, 18-12-2016, PM

Exo,dus 15v3, The Lord is a Man of War, Philip Bray, 11-12-2016, PM,

Judges 5v23, They Came Not to The Help of The Lord, Roger Winter-Smith, 04-12-2016, AM

2Pet 3v1-13, Walk in God's Will, Mark Byrne, 04-12-2016, PM

2Sam 17v23, Look to Jesus Christ, Roger Winter-Smith, 27-11-2016, AM

Heb 1v1-4, God Has Spoken to Us, Mark Byrne, 27-11-2016, PM

Matt 19v16-22, The Commandments of God, Roger Winter-Smith, 24-11-2016, PM

Hag 1v14-15, The Lord Stirred Up, Roger Winter-Smith, 20-11-2016, AM

1John 1v1-4, God - The Word of Life, Philip Bray, 20-11-2016, PM

2Sam 14v33, The Mercy of God, Philip Bray, 13-11-2016, PM

Rev 2v15-17, The Doctrine of The Nicolaitans, Roger Winter-Smith, 10-11-2016, PM

Heb 12v18-25, Citizens of Zion, Roger Winter-Smith, 06-11-2016, AM

1John 4v7-12, The Love of God in Christ Jesus, Philip Bray, 06-11-2016, PM

Rev 2v12-17, The Church at Pergamus, Roger Winter-Smith, 03-11-2016, PM

Ex 14v10-12, The Plan of God For Us, Roger Winter-Smith, 30-10-2016, AM

Dan 11v32-35, Maintaining Our Relationship With The Lord, Roger Winter-Smith, 30-10-2016, PM

Rev 2v12-17, The Church at Pergamos, Roger Winter-Smith, 27-10-2016, PM

Eph 2v1-10, He Has Brought Us to Life, Roger Winter-Smith, 23-10-2016, AM

Psa 34v8-10, The Goodness of God, Mark Byrne, 23-10-2016, PM

Gen 26v3-5, The Blessings That Follow Obedience, Roger Winter-Smith, 16-10-2016, AM YouTube

Gen 2v4-25, Three Types of Trees, Paul Fellows, 09-10-2016, AM

2Sam 22v31-47, Thy Gentleness Hath Made Me Great, Philip Bray, 09-10-2016, PM

Rev 2v1-7 Bible Study - The Church at Ephesus, Roger Winter-Smith, 06-10-2016, PM

2 Sam 20, Sheba's Rebellion, 25-09-2016 PM, Philip Bray

Matt 14v22-33, Look to Jesus, Roger Winter-Smith, 11-09-2016, AM

Dan 5v22-23, How Plain is The Truth, Roger Winter-Smith, 04-09-2016, AM

1 Cor 9v22 All Things To All Men, Philip Bray, 4-09-2016, PM

Psa 91v1-16, In Him Will I Trust, Roger Winter-Smith, 28-08-2016, AM

2Pet 3v8-18, But Grow in Grace, Philip Bray, 28-08-2016, PM

Rev 3v14-19, Bible Study-Rich Toward God, Roger Winter-Smith, 25-08-2016, PM

2Cor 5v1-10, After This The Judgment, Roger Winter-Smith, 21-08-2016, AM

Church Bible Week 2016

Session 1, Psalm 50:2, The Perfection of Beauty, Philip Bray, 13-08-2016, PM

Session 2, 1 Cor 9v7, Resources for Warfare (Part 1), R Winter-Smith

Session 3, Hebs 12v14, Peace and Holiness, Mark Mullins

Session 4, Ps 133, Where the Lord commands the blessing, Mark Byrne

Session 5, Bible Translations (Part 1), Mark Mullins (to follow)

Session 6, 1 Cor 9v7, Resources for Warfare (Part 2), R Winter-Smith

Session 7, 1 Cor 9v7, Resources for Warfare (Part 3), R Winter-Smith

Session 8, Ps 48v2, The Joy of the Whole Earth, Philip Bray

Session 9, John 15v10, the True Vine, Paul Fellowes

Session 10, John 12, Death to self, Paul Fellowes (to follow)

Session 11, 1 Cor 9v7, Resources for Warfare (Part 4), R Winter-Smith

Session 12, Bible Translations (Part 2), Mark Mullins

Session 13, Bible Translations (Part 3) Mark Mullins

Session 14, Final Exhortation, R Winter-Smith

Jer 11v11-14, Pray Not For This People, Tony Beasley, 14-08-2016, AM

Matt 18v21-35, Forgiveness, Antony Liang, 14-08-2016, PM

Luke 16v1-12,  Stewardship, Paul Fellows, 07-08-2016, AM

2Tim 2v14-15, Handling The Word Accurately, Mark Byrne, 31-07-2016, AM

Jer 22v15-16, You Are Not Like Your Father, Roger Winter-Smith, 24-07-2017, AM

Acts 10v9-23, The Real Issue-The Heart, Philip Bray, 24-07-2017, PM

Rev 2v8-11, Bible Study, Roger Winter-Smith, 21-07-2016, PM

1Pet 4v1-5, Ceased From Sin, Roger Winter-Smith, 17-07-2016, AM

John 10v18-31, My Sheep Hear My Voice, Philip Bray, 17-07-2016, PM

Rev 2v8-11, Bible Study, Roger Winter-Smith, 14-07-2016, PM

Jer 35v16-19, The Lord of The House - Obey Him, Roger Winter-Smith, 10-07-2016, AM

Rev 2v8-11, Bible Study, Roger Winter-Smith, 07-07-2016, PM

Ex 12v42-43, No Stranger Shall Eat Thereof, Roger Winter-Smith, 03-07-2016, AM

Isa 66v1-5, To This Man Will I Look, Philip Bray, 03-07-2016, PM

Luke 5v1-11, They Forsook All and Followed Him, Ken Smythe, 26-06-2016, AM

Acts 26v13-20, Have You Met With Jesus, Roger Winter-Smith, 19-06-2016, AM

James 5v13, Is Any Among You Afflicted, Roger Winter-Smith, 19-06-2016, PM

Rev 3v7-13, The Word of My Patience, Roger Winter-Smith, 16-06-2016, PM

Heb 12v15, What is Growing in Your Heart?, Werner Schultz, 12-06-2016, AM

1Cor 3v11-15, This Foundation, Roger Winter-Smith, 12-06-2016, PM

Psa 51v9-12, Repentance, Roger Winter-Smith, 05-06-2016, AM

James 4v13-17, If The Lord Will, Roger Winter-Smith, 05-06-2016, PM

2Chron 16v7-10, Asa's Folly, Roger Winter-Smith, 29-05-2016, AM

Isa 28v3-29, The Lord of Hosts - Wonderful in Counsel, Philip Bray, 29-05-2016, PM

Rev 2v21-29, I Gave Her Space to Repent, Roger Winter-Smith, 26-05-2016, PM

2Cor 5v17-21, If Any Man be in Christ, Roger Winter-Smith, 22-05-2016, AM

Mark 8v10-16, The Leaven of Herod, Philip Bray, 22-05-2016, PM